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The Inca collection is a contemporary interpretation of Inca, Aztec and Mayan aesthetic patterning and derives textural richness from a variety of natural fibers.

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Oberon is an exquisite collection of passementerie woven with the finest metal yarns. The collection houses a compendium of unique, documentary-inspired patterns and a series of 21st century designs employing innovative appliqué, velvet and hand-knotting techniques.

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Aristotle Greek Key

A collection of sophisticated, dimensional, jacquard borders depicting classical Greek Key borders in an array of strié colors.

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Flanders tells a comprehensive color story through its naturally inspired passementerie, woven of the finest denier linen yarns.

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From casual to formal, traditional to transitional and contemporary, Samuel & Sons Deauville collection honors the iconic stripe: offering versatility in pattern, fiber and color palette.

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Keiro, meaning “path”, is a collection of exquisitely embroidered borders composed of classic geometric patterns inspired by the beautiful, hand-embroidered Japanese obi (sash) worn traditionally with Kimonos.

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The Sloane collection expands our repertoire of luxurious, dense pile Épingle borders through a broad selection of solid hues and a curated assortment of striped and ribbed border colors.

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Regatta, Performance

Made using heathered yarns and ombré techniques, the cords and tapes each contain numerous hues that reflect the ever-shifting colors seen in all facets of the natural world.

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The Loire collection is composed of 15 tonal shades of bullion and coordinating twisted cord with tape. Colors include an array of blues in Bleu and subdue greys in Steel. In contrast, color Fleur features branches of bright raspberry, leaf and ivory, a perfect pairing with botanicals. Woven in France, the Loire bullion features tightly twisted branches and a ribbed header with rolled cord edge. It measures 8.25"(21mm) from the top of the header to the bottom of the branches. Loire's 1/4"(5mm) twisted cord with tape translates the subtle color variations of the bullion and portrays them in a mélange.

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La Terre

La Terre is a collection of organically inspired passementerie woven of the finest denier linens and luxurious cottons. The ethos of this collection lies in its purity and understated elegance. Linen embodies a textural richness that's unparalleled and timeless; therefore, the collection incorporates sophisticated cords, gimps, borders and fringes. The subtle hues of La Terre reside within Canvas, Dune, Flax and Sea Mist, all earthen in origin.

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The Saisons Collection is luxury performance trimmings woven in 100% Bella Dura Solution Dyed Polyolefin yarns that provide soil, mildew and UV resistance for nearly any environment. Equally beautiful in design and quality for indoors with the duality for outdoors. Saisons portrays the level of sophistication in aesthetic and styling which has become synonymous with Samuel & Sons. Luxury performance combined with innovative constructions, design and colors make the Saisons Collection truly extraordinary. Patterns take their form through a variety of complex constructions which use multiple weaving techniques to create either dimension or saturation in rendering. Saisons offers a comprehensive color selection within the neutral, mid-tone and bright palettes of today’s global aesthetic.

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